The SOLARflo package from Andrews Water Heaters offers a complete solar thermal solution for pre-heating domestic hot water in a commercial applications. The package can be combined with either an Andrews Water Heater or a Potterton Commercial boiler with a twin coil solar cylinder.

SOLARflo includes solar collectors, (either flat plate or excavated tube), roof mountings, (flat roof A-frame, pitched roof on or in or façade mounting), a pump station and controller, a solar cylinder and associated equipment to complete the installation.

  • Glazed flat plate or excavated tube solar collectors to suit your application and building size
  • Integrated system controls for easy monitoring and management
  • Can help to significantly reduce your carbon dioxide emissions
  • Meets the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Solar collectors offering high absorption efficiency
  • Compatible with many of our other products including the ECOflo water heater

Description SOLARflo
Manufacturer Andrews Water Heaters
Technical Detail:
Vessel Sizes 450, 550, 700, 900, 1250 (litres)
Max Flow Rate (solar circuit) 30 l/min
Max Pressure Drop: (solar circuit) See curve in pump station instructions
Pressure: (solar circuit) Max 6bar(g)
Temperature: (solar system) 120ºC. Higher Temperatures will occur
Pressure: (dhw system) Standard 3.5bar
Temperature: (dhw system) Operating 60ºC Max 95ºC

Controller 230V/1ph/50hz, 4Amps.

Pump station is powered and controlled by the controller. This does not include any immersion heaters.
Sensors PT1000
DHW Heating Vessels:

Combined (twin coil or coil and immersion heater).

Pre-heat (single coil)
Top Up Systems for Preheat Any Andrews Water Heaters gas fired condensing water heater
Primary Heating Valve control
Enable signal
Immersion heater options
Boiler system


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